My Story

Imagine waking up every morning feeling like you can take on the world. How great does that feel? In 2011, I opened the doors to my practice to clients in the Ottawa area — offering them a wide range of counseling and psychotherapy services to guide them through life’s challenges and most trying times.

Life can get difficult, and sometimes a little help from a professional therapist can make things better. I care about your well-being and provide you all the tools you need in order to seize the day and learn how to tackle even the most traumatic circumstances.


My Qualifications

Mego Nerses MEd, RP
Education and Work Experience

I am a Registered Psychotherapist in Ottawa. I have been practicing psychotherapy in private practice and social service agencies since 2012. I lectured as a seasonal professor at Algonquin College in the Trauma and Addiction Certificate Program from 2013 to 2015. I provide individual, relationship and sex therapy in English, Arabic and Armenian for adults 18+.

I completed my master’s degree in Educational Counselling from the University of Ottawa in 2011. I am a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO#001132). Also, I am a Certified Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA#5875). Currently, I have a full-time private practice in Ottawa.

My clinical training is focused on sexuality, gender identity, sex therapy, and trauma. My expertise is in psychotherapy with LGBTQ+ refugees, asylum seekers, and torture survivors and trauma survivors.

I have co-published in a peer-reviewed journal(s) and contributed chapter(s) related to counselling, coming out, and trauma with LGBTQ+ refugees and newcomers to Canada. 

I am the recipient of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association’s 2017 Humanitarian Award for my contributions to the wellbeing of LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers to Canada.

I have an international affiliate membership with the Division 56, Trauma Psychology, of the American Psychological Association (APA) and with the Global Institute of Forensic Research.​

I have presented numerous workshops and provided workshops nationally over a period of close to 7 years about the mental health of LGBTQ refugees and asylum seekers in Canada. I have attended multiple training opportunities related to conducting refugee assessments for immigration courts, which are offered through Division 56, Trauma Psychology, of the American Psychological Association, and by Physicians for Human Rights.  I am a designated asylum evaluator with the Physicians For Human Rights (PHR).


Therapeutic Approach

I am a trauma-informed therapist. I incorporate the social justice lens into my therapeutic approach. 

As a therapist, my primary goal is to make sure that there is a fit between my clients and me. Otherwise, therapy is not going to be effective. I want to be helpful to my clients, and if I assess that I will not be of help, then I usually refer out.  

I am a believer that the answers to our presenting problems lie in our bodies and inner experiences.  Our intuition and intuitive-self guide us and orient us to make decisions and find solutions to our problems.  But this comes with a price. To explore our intuitive-self, we need to experience our internal processes, feel, and be aware of our bodies. Many people tend to avoid going where their bad feelings and vulnerabilities reside.

In my practice, I help you to let go of painful feelings and processes. If you feel stuck and repeat the same patterns/experiences all the time, my approach would be beneficial to help you get unstuck and change your patterns. For example, if you feel sad, I will gently help you to go inside the sadness and experience it fully to find the answer and let go of it.

This approach is called Experiential Psychotherapy. I also use Gendlin's Focusing method to facilitate experiences.  Here is a website for further information about my approach It is a very gentle and safe therapeutic approach. 

Occasionally, I use other approaches to supplement therapeutic work, such as Polyvagal Therapy, Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET), Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, or Emotion-focused therapy.   I am trained to provide Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD and Polyvagal therapy for trauma. 



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