Peer-reviewed Journals


Nerses, M., Kleinplatz, P., Moser, C. (2015) Group therapy with International LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers. Click here


Nerses, M., Kleinplatz, P.  (2018). Seeking Safety: Trauma, context, resilience.   Submitted.


Nerses, M (2019). Extending the concept of betrayal/institutional trauma. The intersection of refugees and Immigration. (Unpublished Manuscript)


Chapters in books


Nerses, M., Pare, D. (2018). Coming out: Implications for sexual and gender non-conforming immigrants and refugees. (Published). Click here


Nerses, M., Hersh, N., Geller, C.  (2018). The health of LGBTQ Newcomers and Refugee Claimants. Submitted.

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